About Us

Lifetech is an information technology solution company focusing on application development, mobile app development, and system integration.

We provide services and solutions that will help your company growth, such as Human Resource & Payroll Systems, Artificial Intelligence Implementation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and many more.

Services that we can provide

Mobile Development

We will assist you in building mobile application, including Android, iOS or cross platform application.

Application Development

We will provide solutions to all your application development and integration, including desktop and website applications.

System Integration

We will help you integrate the best system for your problems, directly from our company associates..

Project Management bg

Project Management

We will assist you to achieve the objectives of a particular project, according to agreed criteria and parameters.

Support & Helpdesk

Support & Helpdesk

We will provide a helpdesk tool that organizes customer communication to help businesses respond to customer and support them more quickly and effectively.

Our Workflow


We will prepare and design the application schema according with your vision.


All design proccess will be based on the sketch and optimized to fulfill everything you need.


The development and updates on your application will be our upmost priority.


Every segment of the application will be tested before we deliver it to you.

Our Products

beet Loyalty

Beetpos Loyalty Program

Our Solutions

Our Banking Solutions

Our Clients

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