Customer Relationship Management For Engineering

Combine the power between CRM and CPQ production capability with the intellligent insight from your company to improve profitability of the company’s manufcturing business.

Increase Sales

Reduce marketing time while increasing sales significantly with our Customer Relationship Management system.


We can provide a product customization according to your need, whether a small selection of products or a bulk of products.

Product sales

With our Customer Relationship Management, you can compete with physical product sales.

Maintain Communication

Develop your company and keep contact and relationship with your customer to stay ahead in the competition.


Standarized Product

Produce a bulk of standarized products, but complicated enough for your requirements.

Speed and Efficiency

End-to-End digital processes

User Friendly in product selection and configuration

Price Set Capability

Discount margin and control

Projects & Solutions

An engineering solution for spesific customers that will be build using a standarized component and standarized assets.

Built-in ‘engineering knowledge’

Ability to price and cost components and activities incl. work-break-down

Built-in collaboration Easy to consume by sales and partners

Easy to use by sales and partner


Specialized Components

Mass production of a special component for spesific customers with either a standarized assets or a special assets.

Advanced costing and pricing

Process configuration

In-built collaboration

Cost and price re-negotiation capabilities

KPI driven approvals and reporting